Meets Fabric

Comfort starts with the right fabric. Embrace the breathability of cotton, the luxurious feel of modal, the sleekness of nylon, and the cozy warmth of thermal. Innersy offers different fabrics to suit your unique taste.


Our range of products encompasses a variety of proportions of cotton fabric, tailored to suit your needs. From basic regular panties to period panties, our products offer a soothing comfort shield for ultimate satidfaction.


Experience the perfect fusion of flexibility and durability with our spandex and nylon fabric collection. Featuring a breathable mesh design and non-making properties, our products offer unmatched comfort and lightness.


Indulge in the luxurious softness of our modal fabric collection. Feel the remarkable elasticity and unparalleled comfort of this fabric,as it embraces your skin with its skin-friendly, soft, light, and breathable nature.


Designed to cater to your specific needs, we offer a selection of light warm, medium warm, and high warm options. With our warm fabric collection, you can confidently face cold while staying stylish and comfortable.


Made for Life

For moms who just want the best, Innersy gives families affordable and functional innerwear for every stage of life. From feminine care for women and teens—to everyday essentials for kids and men——Innersy brings better comfort and quality to your daily routine.

For 20 years, we've perfected the art of simple design with the most thoughtful details, including industry-leading technology and practical features that maximize everyday comfort. Today, our vision of the future includes everyone, with a fit and fabric for all

Vision & Purpose

Innersy understands that while everyone is equal, every body is unique. We embrace every shape and size with better-fitting innerwear designed for all

Our Purpose

Innersy exists to provide the best in comfort, quality, and style—from our family to yours.

Our Mission

At Innersy, our mission is to help price-conscious moms shop smarter with a quality brand they can trust.

Reliable: better quality for the price with thoughtful details.

Functional: practical designs to suit a variety of needs.

Comfortable: a fit and fabric made with real people in mind.

Our Culture

Just like yours, Innersy is a family. Bridging the gap between a flattering fit and style for all, we are committed to crafting real comfort for real people.

Innersy goes the extra mile to ensure that we are listening to the needs, concerns, and desires of our customer. The result? A reliable, finely-tuned product that’s always the perfect fit.

Our Values

A Fit for All

Our vision of the future is inclusive of everyone. For everybody—and body type—Innersy offers versatile styles and sizes to suit a variety of needs with a fit and fabric that's affordable to all.

Better Quality

Our products are carefully crafted with industry-leading technology and practical functions that bring better comfort to everyday life.

Real Simple

Experience comfort in its simplest form, with thoughtful details and better quality that has you covered without sacrificing style.

Happier Togather

For moms who just want the best, Innersy makes it easy to find the perfect comfort solution for every member of the family

Made for Life

The Innersy slogan is the promise of a comfortable and reliable product—no matter what the day has in store. With Innersy, you’ll always find the perfect quality innerwear made for anybody, any time, anywhere.