model wearing period panties

Leak-Proof Period Panties

No leaks. No feeling wet or gross. 

Customer's Favorites

dark color women's period underwear 3 pack

Period Underwear

“I’m in a wheelchair and have suffered from a very heavy flow for my entire adult life. When I’m asleep or when I’m out in public and can’t use a public restroom, it’s nice to have an added layer of protection for my own comfort.”

Cotton Boxer Briefs

"Love them! Just imagine an 81 year old man as he's being loaded into the back of an ambulence telling the ambulence crew to be careful as he didn't want to rub any of the bright shine off his underware !"

teen girls' period panties 3 pack

Teen Period Panties

“I would’ve loved to have this when I was 11 thru 39. Especially in my early years when I have to learn it all on my own. I plan to buy these for my pre-teen so she doesn’t have to deal with the embarrassing issue of leaks and can actually have choices.”

Comfort & Ease with INNERSY

Women's Underwear

Men's Underwear

“INNERSY is comfortable.”

As the brand name indicates, we care about the inner side of you. We know you are seeking a piece of underwear that gives you the comfiest touch and make your booty feel good from fabric to fit! That’s why our slogan is “INNERSY is comfortable.” It is our mission to give you the comfiest intimate touch. And we try our best to do that!

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