Women's Leak-Proof Period Panties Mid-Waist

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Color: Vintage Dark
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INNERSY Women's Leak-Proof Period Panties Mid-Waist

What are they?

INNERSY Period-Proof underwear looks just like your regular panties but with built-in, absorbent liner that absorbs liquid and stops leaks. They are NOT designed to replace tampons, pads or cups. Use them as a backup would be your ideal choice.

What can they do?

They can prevent leaks during your period. That means:

  1. No more worrying about overnight sleep would mess your sheet.
  2. Sneeze or cough wouldn’t easily stain your pants.
  3. Heavy flow has the cure.
  4. More ease during long shifts when you don’t have the time to change tampons or some non-stop talking meetings.
  5. Name more...

What are they made of?

  • Body: 95% cotton and 5% spandex.
  • Cotton lining:100% premium cotton.
  • Leak-proof lining: 89.4% polyester, 10.6% spandex.

Wash instruction

For long-term use, we highly recommend that you hand-wash them and hang-dry. If you are in a rush, machine-wash is a choice as well. (Note: Rinse first if there is flow on your panties.) Wash them with your load of laundry in cold water. DO NOT bleach or use fabric softener. And no dryer.

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