A Peek into Ancient Women’s hygiene "Products" of menstruation

 Several years ago, Time-travel TV dramas were a really hit. They usually involve a girl from modern society travels back to an ancient Chinese dynasty by accidentally open the time-travel gate. The girl tries to adapt ancient people’s way of living after realizing she can’t go back to the modern society any more.
Being an undergarment (period panties also) seller, the only mystery I want to reveal is“what do they use for hold the period blood back then? ” Driven by the curiosity, I did some researches and things are getting more and more interesting. Come and join me in taking a peek into Chinese ancient women’s ways to cope with menstruation.

Let's skip primitive society when people didn't even have clothes to wear. So female can only let the blood flow without any protection to absorb the liquid.
After coming to the slave society, mankind gradually evolved the first stage of civilization. Women could have the tool to sew tree peals or animal skins into the very first version of underwear to cover their lady parts. And add another layer to “absorb” the blood when period visits.
In feudal society, they had already evolved the embryonic form of sanitary napkins, called “period bag”. Tow pieces of cloth are sewed into a long and narrow bag with the room created to assert another absorbent layer. Usually plant ash or cotton. At the two ends of the bag, two long thin cloth ropes are attached. Fasten the rope around the waist, so the bag area can stay there for absorbing liquid.

Things were easier after paper was invented. Women put paper into the bag for higher level of protection.
Right before the sanitary napkins were invented, women stitched piled pieces of cloth (usually from extra fabrics left from making clothes, they are cleaner and softer) into a cloth pads for menstruation hygiene. Rich people can level up to silk or softer fabrics.
Menstruation has been viewed as dirty and evil things for a long time. Cloaked in myths and misunderstanding, they cannot be talked about in public. Luckily, game has changed! With the impact of women’s empowerment, they are treated scientifically. More and more sanitary products have been invented to care menstruation. We now have pads, tampons and cups.
With the idea of environmentalism, some advanced period panties are invented too! Awesome brand like Thinx, their products can either be worn alone or as protection to prevent leaks! INNERSY has been dedicating to making and accordingly adjusting our period underwear to meet customers' needs for years too. We now have mid-waisted, hi-waisted period underwear and also teen girls' period panties!

Women’s reaction to period has change along with development of the society and science. And we are still looking forward to more awesome sanitary products being brought into the field of menstruation’s hygiene.

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