Is underwear a great gift idea?

Is it okay to send underwear as a gift to others? Or would you be happy to receive underwear as gifts? Some say “I would enjoy receiving underwear as a gift. They are quite useful when from someone who knows me well enough to know my taste in underwear.” While others may say “Underwear is a very personal choice which I don’t want others to step into.” 

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  Before diving into this topic, we should know that every gift communicates things. The traditional “dozen roses” is the gold standard way of showing someone you want them to be your valentine. So what does underwear communicate? Well, it depends on where they are from. From your mom, obviously, it has a utilitarian message: here are some new ones to replace your old holes-colonized undies. From your significant partner, and the underwear happens to be very sexy-looking, that could mean something naughty. From a good friend, it probably means she found really great pairs and she couldn’t think twice about suggesting or giving them to you!
  After knowing what underwear possibly communicates, let’s see how we can correctly give them as a pleasing gift instead of being a total hit-and-miss.
First, you need to know where your relationship stands. Underwear is for sure the kind of gift between two intimate people. They are absolutely not that kind of gift for your first visit to your future mother-in-law or to your co-workers. After checking this, move to the next step: find out their attitude. You don’t want to send underwear to someone who thinks this is quite offensive, right? So try your best to figure it out either by simply asking or ways you find appropriate. Last but not the least, the shopping part! Your first port of call should be to figure out the size. While this might sound obvious, it is the cardinal rule of underwear shopping that could save you from making a serious mistake. The styles can be even more confusing though. For women’s underwear, there are boyshorts, thong, briefs, bikini, and hipster. For men’s underwear, there are brief, trunk, boxer brief, and boxer. Better make find out which style is the preferred one. Oh, and the fabrics too! But we can't go wrong with the cotton underwear. I mean who doesm't like comfy cotton panties?

 women's underwear stylemen's underwear style

Undies are an important part of the wardrobe that reflects who we are as much as anything else we wear. It’s quite challenging to send the right underwear to the right person though, it’s totally worth it!  It speaks out loud of our understanding and love to that person. 
So where do you stand? Let’s keep the conversation going!


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